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Montarosa Queen Bedroom Set

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Original price $1,499
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Feast your eyes upon the Montarosa Queen Brown Wood and Upholstered Bedroom Set, the grand poobah of bedtime boroughs, the sultan of slumberland, the monarch of midnight merriment! This isn’t just a bedroom set; it’s the Rolls Royce of rest, the Bentley of bedtime, the Ferrari of forty winks.

The Montarosa doesn’t just stand in your bedroom; it reigns over it with a blend of wood and upholstery so sumptuous, even the Sandman would be jealous. The queen bed is not merely a bed; it’s a royal charter into the realms of relaxation, a plush passport to the province of peaceful slumbers.

The dresser doesn’t just store your clothes; it’s a treasure chest guarding your garb with a valor only matched by knights of yore. The mirror doesn’t just reflect; it introspects, peering into the soul of your style with a grace that’s almost illegal.

The nightstand isn’t just a stand; it’s your loyal squire, ready to hold your nightly necessities with a nobility that’s downright noble. And oh, the elegance of that brown hue, a color so rich, it should pay taxes!

The Montarosa Queen Brown Wood and Upholstered Bedroom Set is not just a collection of furniture; it’s a kingdom of comfort, a dynasty of dozing, a realm of rest where every nap is a knighthood and every snooze a sovereignty. So, prepare thee for a nightly knighting from the monarch of Montarosa, and may your dreams be as grand as this grandiloquent ensemble!

Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Qty: 1 - Queen Bed: 66"W x 81"D x 73"H
  • Qty: 1 - Dresser: 64"W x 19"D x 40"H
  • Qty: 1 - Mirror: 47"W x 3"D x 43"H
  • Qty: 1 - Nightstand: 31"W x 18"D x 28"H
  • Color
  • Cherry
  • Material
  • Pine & Cherry Laminate
  • Features
  • Queen
  • Requires
  • Mattress & Boxspring
  • Assembly
  • Assembly Required
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