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Shakra Sofa & Loveseat Set

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Oh, come hither and behold the spectacle that is the Shakra Blue Fabric Sofa & Loveseat Set. This isn’t just a set of furniture, it’s the epitome of couch couture, the zenith of zany zest, and the pinnacle of plush paradise. When you sit on this masterpiece, every other sofa you’ve ever encountered will seem like a wooden plank of disappointment. The Shakra sofa set is clothed in a blue fabric so divine, it could only have been woven by the Fates themselves or perhaps smurfs on a fashion-forward frenzy. Its comfort is akin to being cradled by clouds while cherubs serenade you with harps... or maybe it’s just your cat purring, but who can tell the difference? And the loveseat, oh the loveseat! It's where love comes to sit, chat, and never leave. It’s like having a cozy little nest, but without the twigs poking your back or the birds judging your TV choices. It's a realm where romance and relaxation reign supreme. This set doesn’t just furnish your room; it furnishes your soul with whimsy and wonder. Every cushion, every curve, every cozy corner is a ticket to a realm where your derriere and dreams are cradled in a cocoon of comfort. So, bring home the Shakra Blue Fabric Sofa & Loveseat Set and let your living room live a little... or a lot!

Product Details

  • Dimensions
  • Qty: 1 - Sofa: 79"W x 34"D x 33"H
  • Qty: 1 - Loveseat: 59"W x 34"D x 33"H
  • Color
  • Blue
  • Material
  • Fabric
  • Assembly
  • Assembly Required
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